Stroke Rehabilitation: A New Approach for Stroke Patients to Gain Independence

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Hyderabad, India – What truly distinguishes humans from other living species is their inherent intelligence to conduct themselves efficiently and their adaptability in all spheres of life. Stroke severely impairs both these fundamental abilities, leaving the patients ridden with difficulties for the rest of their lives. It’s regarded as one of the foremost causes of death and disabilities, accounting for an estimated 6.5 million annual deaths worldwide. It’s a result of partial or complete obstruction of blood supply to a part of the brain resulting in impaired cognitive and motor abilities. This prevalence of stroke in recent times has been linked to our changing dietary habits and sedentary lifestyle.

In the event of a stroke, it is advisable to seek immediate medical assistance for maximum recovery. Depending on its severity, stroke patients exhibit a series of complications that include paralysis, speech impairment and loss of consciousness among other challenges. Besides the traditional medical treatment, rehabilitative services have been gaining prominence in helping patients get back to their regular lives after a stroke. As stroke patients often become dependent on others, rehabilitation can help them regain their lost abilities and return to their regular life at the earliest.

ApoKOS Rehabilitation, Hyderabad – a joint venture between Apollo Hospitals, India and KOS, Italy –through their holistic approach in stroke rehabilitation is fast emerging as a ray of hope for survivors across the country. It is India’s first integrated rehabilitation hospital for neurological, cardiac and orthopaedic patients. Driven by the motive of guiding patients towards regular life post a bout of illness, the hospital offers a wide range of modern rehabilitative services backed by the latest technology and a highly acclaimed bench of doctors. It uses robotic technology, physiotherapy, speech and swallow therapy, occupation therapy, and medical management to address the difficulties experienced by stroke patients and assist them in getting back to their feet. Widely recommended by medical practitioners, ApoKOS Rehabilitation offers end-to-end support, helping patients rediscover their lives after a dreading setback. All patients are administered closely by trained physicians and therapists from both medical and rehabilitation perspective to ensure all-round healing.

Too often, the importance of rehabilitation is overlooked by patients and their families, banking primarily on medical intervention to undo the complications of a stroke. It is important to understand that the most effective way to mobilize motor skills and regain cognitive abilities is to practice them repeatedly under the supervision of a trained rehabilitation specialist. ApoKOS Rehabilitation Hospital, in their approach of using comprehensive rehabilitation backed by advanced robotic technology, is pioneering the journey to independence for stroke survivors worldwide.

For long, stroke was perceived as a virtual end to life, but not anymore! Times are changing, so should our outlook. With modern rehabilitative facilities coupled with our optimism, it’s only a matter of time before a stroke patient can enjoy the life beyond all challenges.

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