SFS Academy in Bengaluru is set to create 3 Elite World Records to celebrate 75th Year of Indian Independence and Children’s Day

Bengaluru, India: SFS Academy a CBSE School in the City with a vision and mission of educating and imparting value-added holistic education for human excellence was established in 2014 by The Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (MSFS). With nearly a decade of distinction it has set to celebrate the 75th Year of Indian Independence and Children’s Day 2022 titled “SFS Academy World Records Festival 2022” on November 13, 2022 and November 14, 2022 in which the students and teachers of the school are going to attempt three world records in the categories: Largest National Flag made with Origami Boats by a Team, Most National Flags Colored by a Team in 1 Hour (Single Venue) and Most Participants Performing in a Sports Drill holding a Ball Simultaneously (Single Venue). All these records are Official World Record Attempt to be certified by Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy and India Records Academy. Principal, Correspondent, Financial Administrator and Team of stake holders of SFS Academy addressed a Press conference on November 9, 2022 at Bengaluru Press Club to detail the world record attempt to be held.

Joshy Philip, Correspondent, stated that all our students and teachers are going to be involved in making 2,30,000 origami boats on 10.11.2022 and these boats will be grouped and pasted together in the form of a mosaic which will reflect the Indian National Flag on 13.11.2022. This mission of making our Indian National Flag with Origami Boats 600 Square meters is expected to be completed in 9 hours, after which the we will take a pledge together emphasising “Green India”. We will break record for the title “Largest National Flag made with Origami Boats by a Team” creating as large as 600 Square meters Indian National Flag, surpassing the existing record of 121.50 Square meters which was held in Malaysia by 2001, he further stated.

Photo viewing students of SFS Academy, trained by the teachers to make Origami boats to create the Largest National Flag and also trained to colour the Indian National Flags.

Vinod Kanat, Finance Administrator, pointed out that 1773 students and 140 teachers of our school will colour more than 4000 Indian National Flags in one hour. We have planned  to set a record in the category “Most National Flags Colored by a Team in 1 Hour” breaking the existing record set in 2013 by 511 participants colouring 1290 Flags in Bahrain. All of us will salute our Great Nation with the colored flags by taking a pledge to bring glory to our country! he further stated. 

Dr.P.M.Lawrence, Principal detailed that, to Promote Fitness as easy, fun and free we at SFS Academy encourage, educate and impart indigenous sports and fitness activities to students and teachers at all levels. In this context to emphasis health is wealth and to support Fit India Movement initiated by Government of India we are certain to set a world record in the category “Most Participants Performing in a Sports Drill holding a Ball” in which 1272 Students will perform, surpassing the existing record in 2018 by 505 participants held at Dubai.

He further detailed that Dr. Rabih Baalbaki, CEO-Elite World Records, Dr. Satyasree Gupta, Dr. M.Noura, Bhavana Rajesh, and G.K.Sowjanya of Elite World Records will be present for adjudicating the events. Dr.A.K.SenthilKkumar, Ambassador-Senior Adjudicator of Asian Records Academy and P.Jeganathan, Senior Records Manager of India Records Academy will also be adjudicating the world record events.

Photo viewing students of SFS Academy, trained by the teachers to perform the Sports Drill holding a ball simultaneously with a vision to promote “Health is wealth” and to envisage Fit India Movement.

Dr. P.M. Lawrence further pointed that Benny Marangoli, Councillor In-charge of Education, South West India Province of The Missionaries of St.Francis De Sales (MSFS) is consented to be the Chief Guest  and Cyril Anand, Director-Strategic Accounts, Ooredoo-Qatar will be the Guest of honour. We are very glad that this is the first of its kind in India where in 3 world records are held consecutively focusing Patriotism and Fit India Movement, he proudly added during the press conference.

Debjani Sengupta(Academic Coordinator), Christina Francis (Counsellor), Master.Amogh Shrivastava and Ms.Suhani Arora students were also present during the press conference held at the city.

The Students, Parents, grandparents and the local residents of the city are eagerly awaiting to witness the spectacular event on Children’s Day. 

Dislciamer: This story is provided by Elite World Records and distributed by Digpu News Network.