Modi Pearls: Standing tall in the pearl jewelry arena 

The over a century old Modi Pearls is high on the minds of customers who are fascinated about pearl jewelry

Hyderabad, India : Pearls, like diamonds, fascinate women all over the world. Woman look for pearl jewelry that are crafted with exquisite creativity, so that the adornments they sport look out of the world. Craftsmanship that touch ultimate levels of perfection often make pearl jewelry a much sort after accessories among women. 

As women across India and often overseas look for the best crafted pearl jewelry, they are led to the ultimate workspaces and showrooms of Modi Pearls. This more-than-a-century-old pearl jewelry craftsmen have never been tired of working towards creating enthralling designs and showcasing brilliant designs.

Born way back in 1903, Modi Pearls has stood synonymous with the craftsmanship of the historic city of Hyderabad. Thousands of customers stand testimony to the fact that Modi Pearls ensures its place in the lifestyle arena. Hyderabad and exquisite pearls go hand in hand, and Modi Pearls has established its presence at the heart of this destination. The success of Modi Pearls comes thanks to the huge fan following that endorses its brilliant designs and exquisite pieces of jewelry.

Excellent Craftsmanship for the Customer 

The fact that it’s over a century since Modi Pearls had come into being doesn’t make it just another old establishment that continues to hold its ground on the traditional domain. Modi Pearls has evolved every passing day, and yet held form on its tradition of presenting Hyderabad’s old world charm. Every design that it makes is traditional yet modern. This makes customers flock at the Modi Pearls door to get a taste of all that is the best in the pearl jewelry terrain. Modi Pearls carries with it the legacy of excellent craftsmanship and customer-oriented features. The trust that has been placed on the company is intact, and that has powered Modi Pearls in seeking to usher in fresh features and services that would prove to be of much help to customers who have stood by the company for years together. 

Modi Pearls Offers Exquisite Designs 

What customers, old and new, look forward from Modi Pearls is its capability to bring to them the best in pearl jewelry available in the market today.

Among the nine precious gemstones, pearls are what Modi Pearls accords much significance to. Modi Pearls has excelled in doing this, and has already presented to happy customers thousands of designs and wearables over the years.

The pearl collection at Modi Pearls include Pearl Earrings, Pearl Layered Necklaces, Pearl Choker Necklaces, Pearl Rings, Pearl Bracelets, Pearl Bangles, Pearl Long Necklaces, Pearl Watches, Traditional Pearl Rani Haars and Pearl Kadas. Further, Modi Pearls also offers loose pearl strings to customers who look forward to custom-make jewelry by throwing in precious metals. 

Besides designing exquisite pieces of pearl jewelry, the company is also into collecting and selling a variety of pearl species. Among them are pearl species such as South Sea Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, Akoya Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, Keshi Pearl, Baroque Pearls and Biwa Pearls. All these are pushed to the market so that craftsmen get to create exotic designs out of them that are anticipated by the customers in the global pearl jewelry arena.

New age, newer domains 

Modi Pearls is also looking for a foray into the Pearl Watches and Pearl Decor domains very soon. Having made a mark in the e-commerce arena with the launch of its eCommerce website, Modi Pearls has extended its online shopping experience in a big way so as to offer the best quality of pearls to the global buyers with just a few clicks on the internet. The company has also recently unveiled an app for iOS and Android users.

Modi Pearls is today the hottest jewelry destination and is located at 22-5-92, close to the Gulzar Houz Circle, Charkaman Road, near Charminar, Hyderabad. Visit the company website here.