Preventing COVID-19 is simple with Anion Detox

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Anion Detox consists of 100% natural ingredients and has been tested in WHO-GMP certified as well as NABL approved labs

Even after several months since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, normalcy hasn’t been resumed. Everyone wonders when the pandemic will settle while many companies from different countries have been perseveringly trying to find a solution to it. One such company is Indian company Entution Supplier Private Limited based in Kolkata. The brainchild of Supriyo Kumar, the company has taken concrete steps towards the eradication of the COVID-19 and other viruses from the atmosphere.

Supriyo, along with his mentor Mihir Kumar Bhattacharya (Retd. Deputy Director, NICR) and reputed Scientist Dr Umakant at Entution, have innovated the Anion Detox. Anion Detox, a patented product, is a disinfectant spray that kills viruses and other microbes present in the atmosphere. The FSSAI-approved product consists of 100% natural ingredients and has been WHO-GMP certified as well as tested from NABL approved labs.

Sheer brilliance and passion led to the development of the Made-In-India disinfectant, Anion Detox Spray. It has a pH of 10.1 and consists of simple and natural ingredients like salt and water. It works on the concept of positive and negative ions. Upon interacting with the moisture in the air, it breaks down into H+ and OH- ions. The H+ ion breaks the virus protein cell and the Negative ion increases the cellular oxygen level in the body.

About the core idea of Anion Detox, Supriyo Kumar, says,” Only highly acidic or highly basic composition of Anion can kill the virus. Due to aggressive nature of acids, we were left only with Alkaline compositions to compose the disinfectant. That formed the basis of Anion Detox.”

The application of Anion Detox is as simple as its composition. It is to be used in combination with distilled water and sprayed from a distance of 9-12 inches. Anion Detox has been successfully used in the slum areas of Kolkata, including areas of South Dum Dum Municipality and Kolkata Municipal Corporation, two of the worst-hit areas by the pandemic.

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Speaking of regular sanitisation as the new normal, Supriyo Kumar says, “Sanitisation is a one-time process with a short-term effect. Along with that, its alcoholic compositions have adverse impacts on the skin. However, Anion Detox once sprayed can have its effects lasting between 2-15 days, which makes it economically viable for almost everyone. Anion Detox is based on the idea of prevention of COVID-19 and other viral diseases.”

The company has been working tirelessly to explore the working of its other unique products – Anion Ethereal and Zeal. The Anion Ethereal is more basic than Anion Detox. It is externally used to treat arthritis patients, body tumours and stage-1 cancer patients as well. Zeal is most basic among the three sprays. It is used to cure spondylitis, arthritis and diabetes. The trials have been going on and successful results have been received so far.

“The biggest drawback of Allopathic medicines is that they leave residues in the human body. If you consume a medicine, only 60-70% of it is utilised to treat the illness, the other portion is deposited in the body. These deposits have harmful impacts on the body over time including lowering the immunity of the body. Naturopathy is a safer practice than that. Sourced mostly from natural ingredients, there are no such side effects. The Ministry of Ayush and Government of India is also working towards recognising the achievements in Naturopathy”, says Supriyo about the future prospects of Naturopathy Medicine Industry.

At present, Entuition is exploring the scope of Anion Products – Anion Detox, Anion Ethereal and Zeal, in which it has achieved commendable success so far. They are working towards creating distribution channels PAN India as well as international exports. Dr Umakant who has donated almost all his earnings to charity, says, “Anion Products can be considered a boon for humans. We request NGOs to use these products and help us overcome this pandemic by disinfecting our surroundings.”