Dina Visram – The Gifted Healer Who Clears Deeply Rooted Energetic Blocks

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New Delhi, India – Dina Visram is a gifted intuitive, clairvoyant and a powerful energy healer. She coaches, mentors and guides her clients through clearing their core issues, limiting beliefs and deeply rooted energetic blocks like karmic and past lives blocks that keep them stuck from living a more fulfilled life.

At a tender age of 9, she realized that she was meant to heal people. She has led many past lives as a healer. Dina calls herself ‘a detective for people’ who are unable to figure out what’s wrong with them. She looks at people’s patterns and sees the big picture so that she can help them make lasting changes. There were many major events that inspired her to take this path. A few changes started happening in her life when I went through her own spiritual awakening process. She realized that she was meant to heal people on a deeper level. Dina was guided by the Universe to go for courses, learn new things, read new books. Mentors started presenting themselves into her life. She was exposed to non-traditional healing modalities like Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Theta Healing, Chakra Alignment, Affirmations, Self-empowerment techniques, Manifesting, Inner child healing, Past-life regressions, Ancestral karmic healing.

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Dina Visram

On her journey, Dina had many wonderful encounters with her clients. Once she was working with this wonderful client and, during one of her sessions, She identified that she was a monk in her previous life and had made a vow of poverty in that lifetime. Dina assisted her in rescinded those vows as that was causing a lack of financial abundance to flow to her. After a week, she called her, excitedly that her income had jumped up by $300month! Another client had been working for this company for a year and a half. He completed the recommended sessions with Dina on a Sunday (he had several blocks) and on the following Wednesday his manager, called him in the office and told him that he had received a bonus. In his head, he was thinking of a few thousand dollars, as that was the most he had received from his previous jobs. He was so amazed once his manager told him that his bonus was 15 thousand dollars!

Dina is constantly approached by clients who are spiritually aware of their blocks but are not sure how to release these blocks. One client’s concern was that during her meditation sessions, she was becoming aware of a black spot in her heart chakra. With her intuitive guidance, She could tell it was a past life’s block that was stopping her from being fully creative and break the glass ceiling around her business growth. She made her aware that she had a huge block around receiving money. She confirmed that she felt so much heaviness in her chest, every time she thought about money. A karmic clearing with vows of poverty reversal helped her tremendously. Her blackened heart chakra spots started fading and decreased in size. Her passion and desire to create came back to her. Her monthly earnings started increasing as she increased her receiving potential. Dina remains very active on Instagram. She can be reached out here — https://bit.ly/2XSCOpE . For more details please contact on dinavisram@aol.com

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