Dengue wreaks havoc in Madhya Pradesh, highest number of afflicted since 2015

8017 dengue cases in 49 days i.e. 163 patients every day, the number of cases doubled in just one month.

The Dengue epidemic in Madhya Pradesh is showing no sign of waning and continues to extract a heavy toll. In the last 49 days, 8017 people have been afflicted by Dengue and this boils down to 163 cases daily. Gwalior is facing the brunt of the dengue attack this year. Around 2200 people have been tested positive and there have been 7 deaths.

According to reports, 25 people have succumbed to dengue in the state. Official figures however vary and it states that only five people have died due to Dengue.

According to official figures, 13707 people have tested positive for dengue. In September, the figure was 5690. However, in 49 days, the cases have doubled and it was a period when festivals like Dussehra and Diwali were going on. Madhya Pradesh has the third-highest number of Dengue cases. Uttar Pradesh continues to be the hotbed of the Dengue epidemic but deaths have been fewer than in Madhya Pradesh.

The period after monsoon is particularly conducive for Dengue which is caused by a virus and is spread by the female Aedes mosquitoes. Stagnant water is an ideal place for the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes. Water leftover in coolers, tires, pots, pools is ideal places where the mosquitoes can breed.

It is the job of the municipal authorities to make people aware of the dangers of stagnant waters and also must ensure that stagnant water pools are sprayed with insecticides to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.

There is no treatment for dengue but supportive measures can keep the severity of the ailment to the minimum. Just like COVID-19, there are multiple strains of viruses that cause Dengue and therefore if you are infected once there is no guarantee that you will not be infected again by another Dengue virus strain. It has been observed that the second incidence of Dengue is more dangerous and causes complications.

Just like COVID-19, prevention is a much better option. Avoid crowded places and use mosquito repellents both inside and outside your home. See that there is no stagnant water around your home like water in coolers or tires. Dengue is spread by mosquitoes and the best defense against Dengue is to prevent the spread of mosquitoes.