Radhika Kawlra Singh - You Trilogy, Mind Coach
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Radhika Kawlra Singh’s trilogy of ‘YOU’, books facilitate sizeable positivity

“Your soul travel will create the dictate for creating several road maps and may take multiple lifetimes or, the realization that is needed to come through the travels may come within every culminating moment. The power to remain in sync with what your soul is here to do always remains with you’ – This is an extract from the book It’s Easy To Be YOU’ written by Mind Coach Radhika Kawlra Singh […]

Art borrows from life to trigger empowerment

Art borrows from life to trigger empowerment

The year of 2020 has witnessed an unchartered phenomenon. Many raged at the futility of their past endeavours and remained questioning the newness of the circumstances. And others embraced the journey with quietude, and contributions that are notable and exemplary. […]