Spike in Covid-19 count sets off fresh alarm

India needs to stay alert as Covid infections zoom 90%; touch 2,183

In what needs to be a matter of major concern, Covid infection counts rose majorly in India on Monday. The fear of a new wave of coronavirus spread has been stoked with the number of new infections touching 2,183.

This, according to official estimates is an 89.8 per cent jump from Sunday’s case count of 1,150 cases. The past 24 hours had been a nightmare for the healthcare sector in the country, with deaths due to Covid also recording 214 in number, which however includes a backlog.

Covid test positivity rate up

The test positivity rate has increased from 0.31 per cent yesterday to 0.83 per cent today. This figures, which is a pointer to the way the spread has been happening, have all in them to raise a nationwide alarm.

The national capital of Delhi stood on top among the top cities with maximum spread of the virus. Delhi, which reported 517 Covid cases, is seeing a rapid rise in infections. Delhi currently has 1,518 Covid cases, which is the highest since March 3 this year. The spread in Delhi was noticed after many students in Delhi and adjoining cities of Ghaziabad and Noida tested positive over the past couple of weeks.

Delhi scenario sparks concern

The alarming situation in Delhi had forced authorities to order closure of schools so as to prevent massive spread. Going by a report, the people in the National Capital Region (NCR) have been getting infected fast, and over the past 15-day period, the infection pattern rose by 500 percent. The only consolation on the Covid-19 front in the country is that the number of active cases has been witnessing a falls from 11, 558 to 11,542.

#BREAKING | India Sees 90% Jump In Daily Covid Count With 2,183 Fresh Cases https://t.co/yZQjP9B4Fj pic.twitter.com/FW7UeJg97w

— NDTV (@ndtv) April 18, 2022

The current spread could be a matter of major concern as most states in the country have opened up all sectors that had been lying closed. The closures and restrictions had been brought in when the virus spread was continuing unabated. However, over the past two months, the situation had eased and all sectors had been thrown open. Mass gatherings such as weddings, festivals and the like had seen all restrictions lifted.

Now with the spike in Covid cases yet again, it remains to be seen how the governments and the healthcare sector would brace for yet another eventuality. It would need some responsible behaviour from the general public, if the spread needs to be contained without any delay.